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Development in webDav

Mar 6, 2013 at 12:39 AM

I am currently trying to use ownCloud as my own cloud storage system. I am having a linux desktop and when I tried to use owncloud client in 64 -bit system. It is not working. So when I was searching for alternate - I got to Sharpbox and its great. First of all - thanks for creating a nice library.

Question: I am planning to use the webdav part of the library using Mono (in linux). I am finding a couple of pieces not working
  1. When there are files in the local and not in the remote, I get a "Index out of Range".
  2. The RemoveMissingFiles flag seems not to work for local to remove I.e. when I delete a file from local it is not removing from remote. I did not want the other way around (Delete file in remote and remove in local).
So can I make those changes and make it work only for Mono. Please let me know and I would be using only WebDav.

Shankara Narayanan.