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Dependency on Newtonsoft.Json.Net40.dll?

Nov 10, 2015 at 8:12 PM
The Sharpbox DLLs for .NET have an explicit dependency on Newtonsoft.Json.Net40.dll. Unfortunately, lots of other packages have dependencies on Newtonsoft.Json.dll. But you can't have both DLLs installed side-by-side.

While the other packages seem to run OK with Newstonsoft.Json.Net40.dll installed, the reverse is not true (that I've been able to find). So inevitably, what happens, is that I go to build in Visual Studio, it pulls in the Newtonsoft.Json.dll (due to the dependencies from the other packages), and then the build fails because of the duplicate DLLs until I manually delete Newtonsoft.Json.dll, after which things work.

Is there any way to get Sharpbox to use the vanilla Newtonsoft.Json.dll?