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Couldn't retrieve child elements from the server

Dec 21, 2012 at 9:30 PM

HI forum,

I'm using this wonderful API in a C# project and really enjoy using it. It's pretty straigth forward and exactly has the functionality that I'm after.

However, now as my project is getting a little bit more complex I'm running into some trouble. I'm using SharpBox to access my DropBox Account and it worked pretty well. 

But now as the folder has more and more files and I'm using some more complex functions to access it,, I'm facing the above mentioned error more and more often.

I'm using the function dropBoxStorage.GetFolder(folder) to access subfolders of my DropBox. My app has the permission to access my complete dropbox. It usually works the first time when I'm using this function but I have a recursive function that calls it again and again (digging deeper into my folder structure) and during the second call I usually get this error. 

The error is not completely reproducible for me; it's really a strange behavior.

Does anybody here have any idea on this?

Thanks and Happy Holidays!